Don’t you?! S2 E você?!


L.O.V.E (One word, so many feelings) S2 (Uma palavra, tantos sentimentos)

I miss a time that I didn’t live in fact, but I miss the concept and the idea of it….

I remember my grandma telling me when she started dating my grandpa (who I miss so much)…

It took months so he could touch her hand….

It took a lot for him to touch her face……

It was hard for her to let him look into her eyes….

It took an eternity for them to kiss….

He was a true gentleman, opened the car door, pull the chair for her to sit in the restaurant, took her to dinner and gave her flowers on the day, as he picked her up…..

Now things are so crazy…. you “meet” the guy on Tinder and he is already talking dirty, wanting to get into your legs……

What has happened to the true values?!

Does true LOVE still exists?


Comente divahhh/divohhh S2!!!

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