Fifty Shades of Grey – Sexiest book ever



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Oh, I will keep really calm if I have Mr. Grey lol


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Everybody has been talking about the movie “50 Shades of Grey”…. I honestly haven’t read the book but feel curious about reading it…. Now that the movie is about to be released, I have found on Facebook a very nice page where you can find the latest news, {https://www.facebook.com/CinquentaTonsDeCinzaOficial} – it’s in Portuguese and have been googling about it….. I have found some very nice shots on how’s the new movie gonna be like and am very curious about the famous “Red Room”…..Well, I found some jokes aswell, like the baby body that says “I am the result of my mom reading 50 shades of grey” ou the tee “Looking for Mr. Grey”… so creative, huh?! And you, what’s your opinion on 50 shades of Grey?

Comente divahhh/divohhh S2!!!

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