Google Play Services 6.5 Adds New Features To Maps, Drive, Wallet, And Fit APIs

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The latest version of Google Play services will include several interesting new features in Google Maps, Google Drive, Google Wallet, and the recently launched Google Fit. The rollout will be made in the next few days.

In Google Maps, the API now includes a default toolbar that makes it quicker to get directions and navigation by automatically giving turn-by-turn directions to a destination, as well as a “lite mode” map option that allow developers to put thumbnail images of maps in their apps. Users who want to see a larger version can tap on the thumbnail, which launches the Google Maps app.

Google Drive now lets developers add public and application private custom file properties to a Drive file, which the company says will make search queries more efficient. It also claims that Drive’s new API makes syncing Drive files easier and more battery friendly, with the ability to control…

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