Instagram ads and the future of brand advertising


From the very day that Facebook(s fb) acquired Instagram, there has been an impending sense of doom that our beloved moment-sharing platform would be overrun by ads, in order to meet Facebook’s insatiable need for growth and appease the Wall Street investors. Every single time I ran into Kevin Systrom (co-founder of Instagram with Mike Kreiger) I brought it up with him, and every time he assured me not to worry. But, I did worry, much like millions of people who have emotionally invested with their moments in this service.

Here come the adverts

162589That day finally arrived this past week and so far, and thankfully, the world didn’t end nor did the sky come crashing down. Yes, there are many who have not been shy to express their outrage. Instagram’s blog post was pretty clear about the approach the platform would take in months to follow as it…

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