Focusing On Ecommerce, Olapic Gives Retailers Access To Customer Behavior Across Its Platform


With beauty vloggers showing off their cosmetics hauls on YouTube, and the rest of the world taking to Instagram to filter their purchases into perfection, the B2B service Olapic has been capitalizing on that social shopping tendency to connect brands with user generated photos for use as a marketing tool.

When Olapic closed its $5 million Series A round in July, the company had already begun to shift its focus away from media companies, where it had gotten its start, onto retail. Now it is going all-in on that proposition: the founders said that though Olapic will continue to support its customers in the media space, its concentration from here on out will be entirely on ecommerce.

Olapic provides the infrastructure for featuring user generated photos as well as a dashboard for analytics. As it gathers data, Olapic is hoping to crack the code on what about a photo makes a…

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