Apple adds a dash of Burberry luxury and social media savvy by poaching its CEO


Apple has poached Angela Ahrendts, CEO of the British luxury fashion house Burberry, who will become Apple’s third retail chief in as many years.

Ahrendts is an American who steadily climbed the ladder in the fashion industry before joining Burberry. The luxury firm’s share price more than tripled during her eight-year tenure as CEO, as she carefully marshalled control of the storied brand while pushing into China and other fast-growing emerging markets.

She isn’t the first executive to abandon the C-Suite for a more modest title at Apple: John Browett, who formerly ran Apple’s retail devision, was previously CEO of London-listed electronics retailer Dixons. And earlier this year, Luca Maestri left his role as CFO of Xerox for the more junior role of corporate controller at Apple.

Ahrendts will leave behind a staggering annual pay package of £16.9 million ($27 million), which made her by far the highest-paid CEO in the FTSE 100…

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