That Curved Display Smartphone From Samsung Is Real: Meet The Galaxy Round


Remember that leaked image of a curved display smartphone from Samsung? You should, considering it popped up under our noses just a few hours ago.

Well, in case you don’t, Samsung wants to remind you. The Korean firm has just sent out a press release announcing the Galaxy Round, “the world’s first curved display smartphone.”

With the curved display, Samsung can offer Galaxy Round owners a range of “exclusive experiences,” like a roll feature that will let them check date, time, missed calls and battery life with the display off. Users will also have the ability to tilt the phone to control things like music, pictures and videos.

To be honest, the press release isn’t very clear on what features the curved display brings about, or how they’ll work, but we’ve pasted the full presser below for you to peruse yourself.

Update: We’ve spotted some photos and videos released by…

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