Elliptic’s ultrasound tech will let you control your phone with a wave of your hand


The parade of new gesture technologies continues on with the latest being a compelling effort from Elliptic Labs, a six-year-old company in Norway that uses ultrasound to let your gestures control your handset.

The technology requires a few additional components inside the handsets — namely a transceiver the emits a high-pitched sound and up to three or four mics to hear the sounds said Haakon Bryhni, CTO of Elliptic Labs. The number of mics gives Elliptic coverage on all sides of the phone, and isn’t too far-fetched. The latest iPhone has 3 mics.


As a person moves their hand within about 2 feet of the phone the mics can hear sound waves being disrupted and thus the Elliptic software can tell the phone or the app where the hand is and what gesture it’s making. It’s kind of like this technology that does a similar gesture-recognition using Wi-Fi–only Elliptic’s…

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