Walmart is becoming a little more like Amazon—and vice versa


Walmart just took a step closer to being more like Amazon, its rival in online retail. Today, Walmart announced the opening of two warehouses dedicated solely to shipping web orders in the US.

The warehouses, one in Texas and another in Pennsylvania (just 10 miles away from one of Amazon’s warehouses), should allow the company to lower shipping costs closer to those of Amazon. The online retail giant’s success in part comes from its network of distribution centers that focus solely on online deliveries.

Walmart has been angling to compete in the e-commerce world for over a decade but has failed to catch up with Amazon. In 2012, Amazon’s sales totaled $61 billion, well above Walmart’s online sales of an estimated $7.7 billion, according to the Internet Retailer. Walmart remains the world’s largest retailer of any kind—it made $469 billion in revenue in 2012, compared to Amazon’s $61 billion—but…

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