The fine line between Google stalking and doing your homework before an interview


Of course, you should prepare for The Interview. Google the heck out of the company and hiring managers. Visit their websites and LinkedIn profiles. Scan Meetup groups and Facebook pages for signs of hobbies.

But how much should you let on that you actually know?

The stalker’s paradise that is the internet makes way pretty quickly for the diligent applicant to become the weird one. And yet small talk is necessary in an interview for both parties to let their guards down and gauge, simply, how they get along.

Maybe it’s easier to know what not to do: Once during an interview, Scott Sorochak was asked how he coped with raising three children after divorcing his wife of 15 years. “I thought it was a very odd thing to ask (and not) related to the job,” says Sorochak, who is the senior vice president of sales and client services for…

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