Icahn’s $150B Apple Gambit Could Transform The Management Of Cash-Rich Tech Giants


In April Apple announced that it would boost its share repurchase program from $10 billion to $60 billion, as part of a $100 billion effort, executed with cash, set to conclude by the end of calendar 2015. That represented a $55 billion increase on its formerly announced shareholder return efforts.

In Apple’s estimation, it would return about $30 billion yearly to shareholders over the course of the expanded program, calculating that rate with a starting point of August 2012. Apple has issued a dividend for just over a year, at current date.

The company now returns over $10 billion to investors yearly in the form of dividends.

Some investors are not content, including everyone’s favorite eccentric uncle of dollars, Carl Icahn. Having amassed a nearly $2 billion stake in Apple, Icahn recently had dinner with the company’s CEO Tim Cook. His pitch: A $150 billion buyback. The pair are set to…

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