Felt Flower Necklace

Los Dos Aiko's

Felt Flower Necklace HeaderI’ve recently fallen in love with felt. I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to come around, but I’ve got a crush and it’s sticking.

Felt is a breeze to work with, it doesn’t fray, and it’s simple to manipulate with a little needle and thread or even glue! PLUS unexpected bonus: it surprisingly adds a punch of style to your wardrobe when mixed with other textiles.

Felt Flower 4

I bought this dress back in June. I wore it once, but I always thought it needed a color pop. Enter the need for a bright necklace: I searched every store in the mall to find something colorful, fun and fabric-like. Nothing even came close to what I envisioned. Was I asking too much?? I hope not. Either I was way out of style or just really out of season (oh no!).

SO…I was forced to resort to my do-it-yourself tendencies…

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