The Daily Norm’s Photo of the Week: One Foggy London Morning

Wow….. amazing London shot!

The Daily Norm

I took this photo the other morning, as I walked along London’s Embankment to work. A hazy Autumnal fog was resting over the crisp early morning skyline, but as its density slowly broke apart, a glimpse of sunshine could be seen squeezing its way through the opaque clustered particles. All this would have been pretty in itself, but the beauty of the scene was significantly augmented when I walked further along the North bank of the Thames, stood just in front of the large copper-roofed Ministry of Defence building, and was greeted with a picture perfect view of the London Eye in silhouette on the South Bank beyond.

Captured here with a sculpture of an eagel in flight silhouetted before it, the whole image takes on something of a mystical, almost epic quality; its melodramatic atmosphere characterised by the natural framing of a tree trunk and leaves. I love how…

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