Now 15 years old and still dominant, Google tweaks its search recipe


It’s hard to believe that Google is already 15 years old — it has risen so quickly in importance that it’s hard to believe the internet even existed at all before it. But, despite firm control of the market for searches and search advertising, the company still needs to keep improving its search experience, and introduced the new Hummingbird search algorithm at its own birthday party.

As reported by Danny Sullivan of SearchEngineLand, Hummingbird isn’t an upcoming algorithm — it has actually been live for roughly a month now. But it does bring some extra features to the table that allow users to conduct more complex searches with greater ease. Replacing the previous algorithm, known as Caffeine, Hummingbird searches for keywords in queries to better understand concepts and their relationships. The new algorithm not only affects page ranking, but allows the website to know when and how to pull…

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