Is AppleCare+ worth it for your new iPhone?


I live in New York City, and at least once a day I see someone on the subway using an iPhone with a shattered screen. Sure, at least it’s still working, but I couldn’t live like that. I’d be terrified of tapping too hard and dislodging a microscopic fleck of glass into my fingertip. Not to mention the hassle of trying to read a text message through a spiderweb of cracks. But iPhones aren’t cheap, and fixing a broken screen, or worse yet, a waterlogged phone, can be a costly proposition.

If you just bought a new iPhone, Apple offers AppleCare+, which extends your hardware repair coverage from 90 days to two years. But Apple recently raised the service fee for repairs, from $49 to $79 per incident. On top of the $99 plan, is it worth it?

How it works

When you first buy an iPhone, Apple provides…

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