Last week on Research: cloud, the European way


Following this week’s Structure:Europe conference in London, we’re highlighting three cloud reports recently published on GigaOM Research. Our analysts – based in both the U.S. and across Europe – focus on a variety of aspects of the cloud, from security concerns to storage capacity limitations. This week’s reports include a special focus on the European cloud market, and how recent market trends are especially impacting that ecosystem.

Note: GigaOM Research, previously known as GigaOM Pro, is a subscription-based research service offering in-depth, timely analysis of developing trends and technologies. Visit to learn more about it.

Cloud: The state of Europe’s homegrown cloud market
Rene Buest and Paul Miller

Released in conjunction with this week’s Structure:Europe conference, this report is a collaboration between analysts Rene Buest and Paul Miller, who take a look at the unique circumstances affecting Europe’s cloud market. While the usual global providers – Amazon Web Services…

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