Could a breath-monitoring headset improve your health?


Wearable technology and quantified self fans already strap gadgets to all different parts of their bodies to keep tabs on their activity levels, calories burned, heart rates and more. But a Walnut Creek, Calif. company believes health-conscious consumers should be paying attention to another biometric pattern: breathing.

BreathResearch2Since 2008, BreathResearch has been working on research and technology that analyzes “breath acoustics” (or the quality of a person’s breathing) to help reduce stress, optimize athletic performance, lose weight and improve sleep. Earlier this month, as part of a health innovation challenge backed by electronics giant Philips and Indiegogo, the company launched a crowdfunding campaign for a new breath-monitoring smartphone headset. So far, it’s raised more than half of its $30,000 goal.

BreathResearch founder and CEO Nirinjan Yee said that, as a trained holistic medicine practitioner, she spends a good amount of time working with patients with conditions like chronic pain…

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