Yesterday was such a great day!

I traveled to two cities and enjoyed a lovely meal at Outback with my two sweeties!

I went to some other stores and my two favorite were MAC and my always favorite Zara.

At MAC I met the divohhh glam Edu, he made my make up and I felt like a Divahhh!!!
If you want to have your make up done there, you can too. Just go there and ask the makeup artist to.

Edu told me MAC cut off on prices for brazilian women as a way of thanking us for being such faithful customers!!








2 comentários sobre “MAC

    • idivahhh disse:

      Thank you so much Bi!!!!

      So sorry I haven´t been able to do the diet program with you! If you have done, let´s do a post about it,I would love to!

      Kisses and keep being this blond gorgeous divahhh!

Comente divahhh/divohhh S2!!!

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